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Different Quilting

Every detail of our pads is thought; but we certainly put an emphasis on where it has to start: the quality and the characteristics of the quilting

After few tries and tests, lots of washes and the traditional “touch and feel” test from our customers and riders, we choose the composition of our quilted pads.

The quilting: let’s start with what we see and you don’t.

Exit quilted foam pads, all we want is hollow core fibers!

For many reasons, but mostly to have a supple and confortable pad, that dries quickly, for bacterial and odor control, for a pad that is very resistant and last longer, but also… the RECYCLABILITY of the pad.

At Ogilvy, we quickly decided to use a superposition of 2 different density of hollow core fibers mousse inside our quilted pads instead of the traditional foam. The foam is very unstable, tends to brake into pieces after a few washing, doesn’t dry easily, carries lots of bacteria, develops bad odors and leaves a bad ecological footprint.

Traditional classy poly-cotton twill: resistant, supple but not too much, and easily washable.

Because we like the look of a traditional pad on your horse…