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Anti-friction technology

Any materials used between saddle and horse will submit to displacement forced by the movements of the horse, and will thus create friction.

A high-quality saddle, in perfect condition and fitted to your horse, will submit to very little displacement; however, often the saddle alone cannot eliminate friction and discomfort.

Some companies have introduced soft and shiny materials on the underside of their saddle pads, claiming that friction is lessened as a result of the materials. But, there’s still friction, and the end result is still discomfort for your horse.

At Ogilvy Equestrian, we deal with friction by transferring it to the interior of the saddle pad, and away from your horse.

The dynamic disposition of material layers used in the anti-friction dorsal panel of the Ogilvy saddle pad allows only the inside layers to slide against each other and create this movement transfer to the interior of the pad.

The stretch capacity, the finish and the orientation of the material we used for the inside part of our saddle pad (the one in contact with your horse) stick perfectly but softly to the horse while following all the longitudinal and lateral movements. Especially those at the two main friction points of the horse’s back, transferring by this mechanic the movement inside the pad and away from his back.

At Ogilvy, we use no rubber, latex, or derivatives, nor any potentially allergenic or irritating material, in order to stabilize the pad on the horse’s back. Our soft but slip-stopping materials, quick dry and anti-bacterial, play the same role, but in a healthier and more efficient way.