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Specific Memory Foam

The use of the memory foam in combination with the Ogilvy Equestrian saddle pads back line design brings a new dimension unequalled yet.

We only use top thick memory foam (elasto-viscose mousse) in a very specific grade of resilience. It has the particularity to be able to get as thin as possible (up to 4mm or 1/8 inch thin) where you need it, i.e. where your saddle is the most fitted to your horse’s body and also keep his volume and support the saddle where you need it. The memory foam pads fills then the gaps between your horse and your saddle. The saddle doesn’t tend to slip towards the hollows and gets an amazing stability.

The memory foams insertions for Half pad and Memory foam integrated pads come in 1.25 inches (standard for jump) and 1 inch (standard for dressage or hunter).

The Ogilvy memory foam inserts allow you to fit perfectly and comfortably your saddle to different type of horses and to adapt it to the constant muscular development of your horse.