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Sep 12
The impacts and pressure points management

Ogilvy Pads

The impacts and pressure points management

Concerning the impacts management, the Ogilvy line of saddle pads is distinguishable on three main points:

1- The 3-D mesh of our anti-friction pad (present in all of our saddle pad except for the Original Ogilvy Profiles Pad ™ ) is especially made and graded for our products and get strong absorbing and protective properties for your back’s horse.

2-  The combination of two densities of hollow core fibers of our quilt:

By opposition of the saddle pad quilting found on the market, we at Ogilvy Equestrian, took the decision to eliminate the traditional foam used inside the quilt and replace it by a combination of two different density of hollow core mousse who propose and keep an amazing resilience against subsidence for 10 to 12 times longer duration than a traditional foam. This one loses his volume and its chock protective capacities very quickly.

3-  The memory foam inserts :

By opposition to the usual solutions proposed on the market (sheep skin, gel pad or traditional foam), at Ogilvy Equestrian we decided to take the memory foam orientation (viscoelastic mousse).