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“I absolutely love your FrictionFree saddle pads!”

“''Dear Jack and Jackie, I would like to take the time to thank you for your generous donations to the Equivents shows. Without people such as yourselves these kinds of events would be impossible. I have to tell you I absolutely love your FrictionFree saddle pads! I plan to get some more at Beaulieu horse show. Pam from the Road Apples tack shop said they were sold almost as they came in the door! When I was in, the other day, I think she only had one saddle pad left. Look out now skeptics, here comes Ogilvy!!! Again thank you for your generosity and I look forward to seeing you at future competitions.''”

-Cheryl Meisner - Canadian Dressage rider

“...this product works. ”

“''Dear Jack, your Ogilvy pad is fabulous! I am always searching for the best and the latest equestrian products on the market and when I discovered your website I had to order this pad. The reason is in your description of the pad you state ''if your back is sensitive or your horse has a pronounced movement this pad will be a blessing and help to make ride more comfortable''. Since I ride several horses every day I thought this could probably help my back. This product works. I felt less stiff, and had more energy to ride. I can only imagine how if this pad is helping me so much how much more it's helping the horse. Thank you.''”

-Leslie Nelson, Morgan Hill, California

“I have used the half pads for 5 years now…”

“''I was lucky enough to find the Ogilvy products to use on my horses. I love the half pads so much I use them every day on all the horses for training and for competition. I have used the half pads for 5 years now and the equipment is still in perfect shape. The incredible fit of the blankets and pads, coupled with the stylish look of all the products make Ogilvy an easy choice.''”

-Jill Henselwood, Olympic silver medalist and Pan Am gold medalist

“My horses love the way Ogilvy products fit..”

“''My horses love the way the Ogilvy products fit and I love the way they look. Thanks!''”

-Amy MIllar, Grand Prix rider and trainer

“I am very pleased with the design, function and durability.”

“''Usually, I never come across a product that I feel comfortable endorsing. As a professional now for 27 years, I have ''burned'' through a lot of equipment. Most of it not designed for ''commercial use''; however, I have two of the half pads and I never ride without them. Seriously, I am first and foremost concerned with my horse's health and comfort. They have stood up to daily use and home working and at shows. I am very pleased with the design, function and durability.''”

-Lee Tubman, American Dressage Rider

“I now use both the Ogilvy hunter and jumper pads”

“''The morning of the first day of showing at the Royal Winter Fair one of my horses came down with a case of skin fungus on his back. His back was inflamed and very sore to the touch. Thinking I was going to have to scratch, a friend recommended I try the Ogilvy hunter pad. It fit him great, by eliminating the friction along his back and not putting pressure along his sore points. The Ogilvy hunter pads allowed his back to breathe and was able to show a very happy horse. I now use both the Ogilvy hunter and jumper pads on all my horses.''”


-Ryan Roy, Top Hunter/Jumper professional

“...initially skeptical to now having 4.”

“''I want to thank you for sending the memory foam half pad in such short notice. It arrived the following day. After three weeks, I can see it is as essential as your friction free pads I started using last year, initially skeptical to now having 4. This Spring I started working on a new 5 YO who is growing and I have had issues with the saddles. This horse was showing signs of discomfort so I used various pads to make him happy but still the saddle would agitate him. The more thought I put into the saddle the more the Ogilvy half pad made sense... He has gone from a horse who did not like a saddle put on at all to not caring at all when tacked up, within 2 weeks...''”


-Bhaskar Dasgupta - Grand Prix rider

“...I noticed an immediate difference.”

“'''The first time I used my Ogilvy pad I noticed an immediate difference. I love my pad and so does my horse. They always look fabulous!''”


-Chelsea Sawyer

We love our jumper pad and so does she!

“''We always had trouble finding a saddle pad to fit our horse. The Ogilvy jumper pad fits perfectly and helps her back! We love our jumper pad and so does she!''”

Tessa Saunders, Halifax, N-S, Canada

Design absolutly superior to any of the others pads

Hi Jack, As you know, I purchased one of the Ogilvy saddle pads at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Even before I actually put it on my horse, I could see that the design was absolutely superior to any of the other pads that are currently available. The shape follows the natural line of a horse's top line and the material is so soft and comfortable that it does not irritate the horse's back.

The placement of the tabs is absolutely brilliant - they actually attach to the D rings in FRONT of the saddle. This accomplishes two things a) once attached, this absolutely ensures that the pad will not slide back and b) these tabs help to prevent the pad from digging into the horse's withers once the rider's weight is placed on the saddle. It is especially important for horses with high withers.

It washes like a real dream. In fact, I actually wash the pad with my regular white washing. I understand that some folks are concerned that ''boot black'' will not completely wash out. However, boot black does not wash completely out of any other pad either.

With regard to the cost - there is an old saying - ''You get what you pay for!'' What all riders need to understand is that the comfort of your horse is paramount and to also coin another phrase - ''An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Hilary A. Balmer, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

I am THRILLED with it!

I just want to drop you a line to let you know... I just returned this week to California, and I have had a chance to test out your pad on my horse. I can tell you that I am THRILLED with it! I could immediately see the results of his comfort level by his movement and responsiveness... Once again, Thank you! I REALLY appreciate it, and most importantly, so does my horse!!! Sincerely.

Caroline Boydston, California, USA

... with this pad, the horse was not lame.

We weren't sure if we purchased the wrong one. We did use it and it is fabulous. John tried it on his horse today and he loved it. We believe the horse has had saddle issues and with this pad the horse was not lame. I am tempted to order another one as we cannot ride together and share it.

Frances Barth

Jill Henselwood

The fit is really good.

Your quality is not comparable.

They are exquisite.

Jill Henselwood, Canada

It makes any saddle fit other horses as well

Love the half pad! The equine Chiropractor and the massage person have never seen this horse's back in such great shape! He is more relaxed as well! It makes any saddle fit other horses as well !!!'

Kristin Bement

I will never ride in any other!

Ogilvy pads are the BEST for my horse and myself! They always look and feel like new. I'll NEVER ride in any other!

Mia Kuzmicki

his (my horse) show ring performance is markedly improved

Both my horse and I are very impressed with quality workmanship and incredible attention to detail that is evident in all of the Ogilvy Equestrian line of products. I use the half pad daily; both in training and in competition. My horse has become more comfortable in his way of going and his show ring performance is markedly improved. I would recommend the half pad as well as all of the innovative Ogilvy products to all equestrians.

Chris Surbey

“wouldn’t leave the farm without my Ogilvy pad.”

“''Great pad! Horse changed the freedom in movement! I wouldn't leave the farm without my Ogilvy pad.''”

-Sam Geddes

“What great quality products - Thank you!”

“''I have always been skeptical of new trends. I was looking for a comfortable pad to accommodate my horse's slope-y back. Thanks to Virginie Kaigle, she suggested the Original Ogilvy pad with raiser pads in the front - what a great idea! I did not believe - now I do! What great quality products - Thank you!''”

-Eve Marie B Dowling