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Ogilvy Equestrian is a family based company owned and operated by husband and wife team Jack and Jackie Ogilvy. Jackie, a rider for many years and top competitor as a junior founded the company because she simply could not find any saddle pads on the market that satisfied her. So she developed her own! Her goal was not to just create a saddle pad but to create a high quality product that would reduce friction, provide comfort for horse and rider, and of course be machine washable and stain resistant.

After many years of developing and testing a quality line of products, Ogilvy Equestrian has become the chosen brand for today’s top riders including Jill Henselwood, Phillipe Lejeune, Nick Skelton and Lionel Guyon to name a few!

Become one with your horse and experience our pads and see for yourself…Because at the end of the day your horse is what matters most!


Ogilvy Equestrian products have been designed and produced to ensure maximum protection, comfort, and equilibrium for both the horse and rider which is why the Ogilvy product line has become essential for the discerning rider and competitor.

Ogilvy Equestrian is the ultimate solution
for your horse’s back.

• Allows for maximum freedom of movement and suppleness
• Eliminates rubbing
• Distributes pressure and eliminates tensions caused by the saddle

Ogilvy Equestrian products are the only choice for the horse’s and rider’s back. Memory Foam combined with Ogilvy Equestrian’s unique Friction Free system gives you and your horse the ultimate in comfort to maximize your performance.

Become one with your horse and experience our pads and see for yourself!